Sky Nest Solution

Four easy steps to profitable and hassle-free hosting

  • Offer the highest level of customer experience by Effective communication / Managing bookings and payments / Inspection of the unit condition / 24/7 check-in & check-out service / Effective claims management / App-based add-on services for guests including concierge, travel tips, and welcome gifts
  • Register the guest(s) with DTCM and the developer
  • Supply and replenish linens, towels, and toiletries
  • Provide professional cleaning, maintenance, and laundry
  • Offer on-call support to guests
  • Fulfill the payment of utilities and maintenance bills on behalf of the owner (excluding service charges)
  • Receive payouts to your bank account on a monthly basis supported by detailed reports and reservations details

Why Choose Sky Nest?

We offer a 360° solution that takes all the stress and hard work away, allowing a peace of mind, so that homeowners can enjoy high monthly hassle-free income.

On average we generate 30-40%+ higher Net rental yield to landlords compared to long term rental approach.
Technology driven
Proven Track Record
Hospitality Excellence
Personalized Approach
Digital Experts
Real Estate Experts

Hospitality Excellence

We work towards maintaining a minimum guest review score of 9.0 out of 10 which allows us to set higher night rates and achieve higher occupancy and ROI than our competitors.

Start hosting is one step away